On Thursday, July 29, 2010 03:34:43 Charlie De wrote:
> The broken Color mode was reported 4 years ago!  Had the solution been
> implemented natively, it would have been available to view, and would
> likely have evolved.  There's every chance that it could now be ported to
> GEGL without the alpha bug to contend with.
So go fix it in gegl. I think it was decided 4 years ago what is going to 
happen to the layer mode bugs.

> One more thing: let's not allow the energetic momentum of development be
> hijacked by a fear that some developers, out of an offended sense of
> righteousness, might leave.  More will be gained by ensuring the team is
> motivated by a greater sense of serving happy end users.

Whaa... There is about 4 active developers on GIMP right now, plus 2 GSoC 
students with their projects. This is a lot. We usually hover around two and 
half. And nobody is in threat of leaving, because nobody seems to be arguing 
your side. That's lucky, because theres a lot of work to be done before 2.8. 
The really important stuff like SWM etc. 

Your assumption that the layer mode thing is in any way as important as 
keeping images looking the same from one version to another is almost funny. I 
filed a bug about this... But I filed it because GEGL did it DIFFERENTLY. As 
only GIMP user for me the expected behavior of the color mode is the current 
one. I have several compositions and artworks that rely on it. 

Your statement of suggesting people not to upgrade if they need it is cynical 
at best. Not everybody is an administrator of the machine they use and they 
cannot control what versions others they share the files have. All school and 
non-creative corporate environments for example, and GIMP is common there, 
because its near impossible to justify buying PS and companies/schools cant 
afford pirating.

If blurring color is so important to you there are several plug-ins that do 
this by splitting the image to lab and blurring the appropriate layers.

-- Alexia
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