> So go fix it in gegl. I think it was  decided 4 years ago what is going to 
> happen to the layer mode  bugs.

And my point is that wasn't such a good decision precisely because it took 4 
years to get it fixed.  As stated, an earlier native fix would have brought the 
benefit to GEGL.  It's disingenuous to challenge me now, 4 years later, to fix 
it in GEGL.  If my line of thought had been followed 4 years ago, GEGL would 
most likely already be fixed.
> Whaa... There is about 4 active developers on GIMP right now,  plus 2 GSoC 
> students with their projects. This is a lot. We usually hover  around two and 
> half. And nobody is in threat of leaving, because nobody  seems to be arguing 
> your side. That's lucky, because theres a lot of work to  be done before 2.8. 
> The really important stuff like SWM etc.

There are three respondents who have so far been arguing against me, three 
others haven't.  And I'd suggest that the three of you aren't representative of 
the majority of users.  You're too concerned with esoteric considerations.
> Your  assumption that the layer mode thing is in any way as important as 
> keeping  images looking the same from one version to another is almost funny.

You're minimizing a serious issue, one that makes GIMP almost unuseable for me, 
forcing me to resort to external solutions like ImageMagick.
> Your statement  of suggesting people not to upgrade if they need it is 
> cynical 

> at best. Not  everybody is an administrator of the machine they use and they 
> cannot  control what versions others they share the files have. All school 
> and 

> non-creative corporate environments for example, and GIMP is common there, 
> because its near impossible to justify buying PS and companies/schools cant 
> afford pirating.

Then trust the administrators to handle the situation the way they see fit. 
 Whatever means are offered to handle the situation of new rendering - whether 
through warnings or in some more helpful, transparent way, the admins are there 
to take that on board and make decisions how to maintain their existing files.

> If blurring color is so important to you there are  several plug-ins that do 
> this by splitting the image to lab and blurring the  appropriate layers.

If only it were only the blurring.  Most of my workflow is broken because of 
broken Color mode.  When processing photos it's standard procedure to execute 
all sorts of helpful filters and use the Color mode to obtain the colours but 
not affect the luminance.



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