On 7/29/10, Charlie De wrote:


I cannot help myself noticing a slight contradiction:

> There are three respondents who have so far been arguing against me, three
> others haven't.  And I'd suggest that the three of you aren't representative
> of
> the majority of users.

and then you say:

> You're minimizing a serious issue, one that makes GIMP almost unuseable for
> me,
> forcing me to resort to external solutions like ImageMagick.

So, are we talking about majority of users or you? The two don't equal
to each other, I suspect :)

Just in case, not everyone in this list is a GIMP developer. There are
ways and ways to be involved in the project, so there's not much point
counting opinions just because they were expressed. We all have our
own ideas how GIMP could evolve, what bugs should be fixed first and
so on, but as long as we do not write code, priorities are set by
people who do.

By the way, since you rely on Color mode so much, maybe you would be
interested in MathMap plug-in that allows creating complex node
compositions, including blending modes as nodes?

Alexandre Prokoudine
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