> Just in case, not everyone in this list is a GIMP developer.  There are
> ways and ways to be involved in the project, so there's not much  point
> counting opinions just because they were expressed. We all have  our
> own ideas how GIMP could evolve, what bugs should be fixed first  and
> so on, but as long as we do not write code, priorities are set  by
> people who do.

I beg to differ.  Priorities must ultimately be set by end users.  And I would 
repeat that the majority of end users would favour timely fixes of essential 
functionality over concerns how those fixes will render existing files.  My 
point in all this is one of priorities.  By all means do whatever can be done 
reduce any inconvenience of the new rendering, but don't use the compatibility 
issue as a block to essential fixes.  Not for 4 years!
> By the way, since you rely on Color mode so much,  maybe you would be
> interested in MathMap plug-in that allows creating complex  node
> compositions, including blending modes as nodes?

Thanks for the tip, I'll look into it.



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