Am Samstag, 31. Juli 2010 schrub bob:
> Hi guys.


> Smashing magazine linked to an interesting blog entry, where John Nack
> discusses the possibility of HTML layers in photoshop.
> If I understand the gist of his proposition/fantasy, the idea is the
> ultimately his image editor would have a feature that can import, present
> and edit html elements as components of a layer.

I don't see any use cases where that would help. It won't help to get images 
fit better to an existing page as every HTML renderer has slightly different 
output. And importing a HTML page to generate the whole output reminds me of 
old pr0n pages where everything was an image – don't do that, it's usability 

Besides I strongly believe in the unix philosophy of "one task, one tool": 
GIMP for the images, vim for the HTML.



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