> Smashing magazine linked to an interesting blog entry, where John Nack
> discusses the possibility of HTML layers in photoshop.

I'll add to what Tobias said: I don't think that HTML rendering is necessary.
Let's look for a moment on what HTML can do:

1. Render images in specific locations with/without borders - GIMP can
obviously render images in certain places, abd borders can be added
manually for now (or automatically when GEGL will be fully integrated
and will allow what you may know from photoshop as layer effects)

2. Render containers of different colors - We are waiting for vector
layers in GIMP. The code for creating vector layers exists in fact,
but we need someone that will integrate it with the current source

3. Render text in very special ways - Have you looked at the text
engine of GIMP 2.7.1? It can do almost all of the text effects you can
do in HTML. The only missing thing is multicolored text and this is a
patch I'll finish when I have time (should probably be this month).

> If I understand the gist of his proposition/fantasy, the idea is the
> ultimately his image editor would have a feature that can import, present
> and edit html elements as components of a layer.

I don't see GIMP becoming an HTML editor - not only because there is
no one with time to develop this (building an html editor is lots of
work), but also because this isn't GIMP's product vision. GIMP is
meant to be a high-end image manipulation/creating program, and not an
application for designing web interfaces (and coding them).
I don't see anything wrong with the current workflow of designing a
web interface graphically in GIMP, slicing it to small images and then
coding it. Adding HTML editing abilities to GIMP will make it
overloaded with features, and at least for me - I love the fact that
unlike photoshop, GIMP is simple. I don't want overcomplicated
interfaces just to get more features - I want a program which I can
use quickly and easily.

~ LightningIsMyName
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