bob wrote:

> Smashing magazine linked to an interesting blog entry, where John Nack
> discusses the possibility of HTML layers in photoshop.
> If I understand the gist of his proposition/fantasy, the idea is the
> ultimately his image editor would have a feature that can import,  
> present and
> edit html elements as components of a layer.

I remember skimming that article.

I thought immediately of what the GIMP team said during
the discussion of the product vision.

I brought up 'what about making mock-ups of web pages?' after a
serious look at what it means to support that (like pro-grade html
generation, support for fluid layouts), the team clearly felt that
this is not what they wanted GIMP to be.

so there is an explicit 'no' for GIMP as a web design tool.

there is an explicit 'yes' for GIMP as a production tool for
all graphics that are used on a website. This does mean that
there needs to be better support for this, like automated
cutting and exporting of all the parts from a working canvas,
much more than the hack-ish slicing we have right now.


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