>From Alexia:
> What you are saying is that we should maintain a fork for you... I
> doubt thats going to happen. You can easily maintain your own patch
> set yourself however. Its been done before. Not a complete fork but a
> patch set distributed separately.

No, certainly not just "for me".  The fix should be available to all because 
feature is essential to a high quality photo processing workflow.  Why is it so 
essential?  Look at it from a technical perspective.  All the most often used 
tone adjustment commands - Levels, Curves, Brightness & Contrast - work in the 
HSB/HSL/HSV colour spaces.  This means that as the tones are adjusted, so are 
the colours, and it is difficult to achieve accurate results.  Properly 
functioning Color and Value transfer mode offer the user a way out of this 
predicament, by separating colour and luminance.

>From Chris:
> There may be other resources available, but I found this article to be
> a good introduction to some of the issues involved: [
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HSL_and_HSV ].  Hopefully people can read
> this and not say things like "only the color should be transferred" --
> excluding what - brightness? luminosity? intensity?  Or just admit
> that they want GIMP to do whatever it is that Photoshop does.

It's generally acknowledged that what is at stake is the perceptual nature of 
the way "luminance" is defined, and therein lies the soluton to how "only the 
color should be transferred".  And I can confirm this without reference to 
Photoshop if you please.  I only used Photoshop as an example of a correctly 
functioning Color transfer mode, not wishing to imply GIMP should be like 
Photoshop.  Here is a GIMP-only explanation: I currently get around the broken 
Color mode by using Decompose to separate into LAB channels, performing any 
desired operations there, then Recompose back to the original.  This works 
I get a proper separation of colour and luminance.  The problem is that the 
solution is so unweildy, it can't be applied in all cases and is generally 
burdensome in the way it works.

In more general terms, I'm happy to leave it to the developers to decide how 
best the Color mode is to be fixed.  I trust them to arrive at the right 
solution as long as the problem is correctly understood.  And I think that it 



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