>  - non-rectangle-bound guides:
>       Guides that can be enabled to have any angle, which means that they do
>       not have to be restricted to be 0 degrees or 90 degrees (being parallel
>       to the window).
>       This feature can be helpful, e.g. when correcting pictures, or for 
> drawing parallels
>       that do not fit the 0/90/180/270/360 degree orientation.
>       It would be good, to enable/disable this behaviour via toggle box, so 
> that normal behaviour
>       will be available and guides can be restricted to classical 
> window-parallel behaviour.

I think we have seen this request already several times and I
definitely agree it could be useful. Your request made me take a look
at the code (app/display/gimpdisplayshell-draw.c,
app/core/gimpimage-guides.c, /app/core/gimpguide.c) and it actually
seems possible. I'll add it to my to-try list for when I have some
more time.

>  - boundary guides, instead of middle.guides:
>    Guides, where the outer boundary of a drawing tool snaps to the guide 
> (instead the middle of the
>    drawing tool snapping to the guide).
>    This would be helpful for drawing in general, and correcting pictures: the 
> color will
>    not pass this line of the guide, which means, you can be sure no color 
> enters a certain region.

This does not seem trivial to code - in fact with how I remember the
paint core works, this is going to be one very hard hack...
Also, I think that if the purpose is just to stay inside of the lines
you can use a selection (create it using the guides and freeform
selection) and stroke it on a new layer with a mask which is exactly
the selection - I do this all the time. Stroking a selection is
usually faster than me painting it by hand, and it's probably more

>  - Adding Multiple Guides
>    (there is a Script for this on www.meetthegimp.org, but native would be 
> nice)
>    This feature is good for some repetitive tasks, where a lot of Guides will 
> be needed,
>    something like a guide-grid.

Can you give a direct link to the script? I definitely agree this
sounds useful - it's worth checking if we can simply include this
script with GIMP (or at least if you give us a link to it, we'll be
able to write something similar with extra features if needed).

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