Lightning wrote:

> I don't agree with some of the product vision points as stated in the
> UI redesign wiki and by some developers (for example that GIMP is
> meant mainly for high end users and less for "simple" users - as we
> discussed on IRC yesterday)

well, that is a tricky thing to say.

It was the core GIMP team that was there at the first LGM,
and they were really sure about this. The vision is not my
thing, I was only there at that moment to function as
a catalyst to get the vision on the table.

So it really does not matter whether you or I agree if GIMP
should be what is says in the vision. Because it is going to
be what it says in the vision anyway. It is going to be UI
designed and developed in that way, because GIMP as a project
wants to to go there. Anything that gets done in another direction
is just a detour and a (ultimately) a waste of time because
it will get corrected in the long run.

and no, the vision cannot be changed on the hoof, because most of
the work that has been done since that first LGM and now would have
the be redone.


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