Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:

> On 7/31/10, peter sikking wrote:
>> so there is an explicit 'no' for GIMP as a web design tool.
> You probably meant web programming :)

no I really meant the web design job: deciding how all information
and interaction is gong to be represented on the page, how the
layout handle fluid conditions of resizing browser width and
browser font resizing. all the typography and readability.
that combined with the 'master' visual design from which
all the pages will be produced, at which point all the images
for a site will be produced (which is where GIMP comes in).

>> there is an explicit 'yes' for GIMP as a production tool for
>> all graphics that are used on a website. This does mean that
>> there needs to be better support for this, like automated
>> cutting and exporting of all the parts from a working canvas,
>> much more than the hack-ish slicing we have right now.
> But that would also involve saving information about slicing in XCF or
> whatever comes after current XCF, because one really doesn't want to
> do all the work over and over again.

yep, one or more 'cutting masks' would be part of the file,
because the (perhaps overlapping) rectangles where to cut
are gonna be different for every file.


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