Open the colors dialog (Windows -> Dockable Dialogs -> Colors). On the
bottom of the panel, there is a button with a screen and an eyedropper
over it. The floating tooltip says:

Click the eyedropper, then click a color anywhere on your screen to
select that color.

Is this true on Linux ? (I cannot check)
On Windows (Vista 64, GIMP 2.7.1, classic mode UI):
- it does not work on the image itself or GIMP UI, in that a click
anywhere on the image will set the foreground and/or background to
black (has set both at different moments, but could not undesrtand why
the one, or why the other)
- when the mouse cursor goes off the GIMP UI, the eyedropper turns to
normal mouse cursor, thus not being able to pick anything

Apart from that, the "select" word is confusing, I think it would be
better "pick" instead (assuming it should work as stated here )


Cristian Secară
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