[ Ok, so I'm daring to repost my previuos mail again, which obviosly 
didn't make it...]

I wrote a patch that might help fix the situation.

First, I don't consider the current Color layer mode as broken. It is 
just different from what many users will expect.

What I do consider broken, though, is that currently using GEGL delivers 
completely different results from 'classic' mode.

The current Color mode uses HSL, the hue/saturation/value modes use HSV. 
GEGL uses LCH for all those modes.
That means if you open an XCF file, it is not clear how to render it, as 
you don't know if they were created with GEGL view or not.
(Which is why I would not consider
  FIXED, rather it went from somewhat unexpected behaviour to broken)

The patch introduces four new layer layer modes for 
Color/Hue/Saturation/Lightness, all using LCH/Lab space.
(The result is slighly different from current GEGL though, I don't know 
why, yet.)

About how to store in XCF:
The obviuos choice seems to be to bump up the version to 3, which is 
what the patch currently does if one of the new modes is used.

That might not be good, though:
- Older versions will simply refuse to open the file.
- With e.g. 2.6.8, you can still open a file with the new modes, it's
   just that the display will be a mess until you've set valid layer
   While this won't allow you to render the image correctly, you can
   still *access* it, which might be valuable.

I attached the patch to the abovementioned bugreport.

I'd be glad to hear what you think,


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