On Tue, 2010-08-03 at 18:46 +0200, Rupert Weber wrote:

> About how to store in XCF:
> The obviuos choice seems to be to bump up the version to 3, which is 
> what the patch currently does if one of the new modes is used.
> That might not be good, though:
> - Older versions will simply refuse to open the file.
> - With e.g. 2.6.8, you can still open a file with the new modes, it's
>    just that the display will be a mess until you've set valid layer
>    modes.
>    While this won't allow you to render the image correctly, you can
>    still *access* it, which might be valuable.

Without having looked at the patch (yet), I think that bumping the
version in case that the new modes are being used is the right thing to
do. Sure you can do something with the file in an old version, but the
behavior is undefined and unexpected and it would IMO be better to
require that the user uses a version that is new enough to handle the
new modes.


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