On 08/03/2010 10:04 PM, Charlie De wrote:
> For that reason I've previously proposed what to me
> seems to be the cheapest solution - offer the fix as a compile option in an
> incremental bug release in the stable branch.


Since this is the second time you mention this, I feel I have to step in 
and say that I think it is a really bad idea. We want to improve the 
usability of GIMP, and forcing users to use a configure flag to make 
GIMP work like they want is not a step forward.

This is a feature addition, and thus won't be added to GIMP 2.6. But as 
long as someone is working on the patch, it is very likely that this 
will end up in GIMP 2.8. And users will not have to use configure flags 
and compile GIMP themselves to make use of the new feature.

It should be pretty easy for whoever is interested to backport the patch 
to GIMP 2.6 of course, but it won't go upstream.



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