Am Samstag, 7. August 2010 schrub
> Hello,
> 1)
> it is possible to make guides invisible/visible
> and to make them magnetic/nonmagnetic.
> Both features are independent, which is good for some situations.
> To make them invisible as well as non-magnetic at the same time,
> two check boxes must be enabled/disabled.
> The possibility to make both with one click would be fine:
> visible && magnetic / invisible && non-magnetic.

I don't have an installed GIMP around so I cannot test it:
are invisible guides magnetic? If not then your request is void as making them 
invisible will also make them non-magnetic. If yes then that sounds (at least 
to me) like a bug/design flaw.

> Also it would be fine to have keyboard-shortcuts for all those
> check-boxes.

It should be possible to assign them youself.


> Ciao,
>    Oliver


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