On 08/08/2010 09:22 AM, Charlie De wrote:

> I'm not so good at understanding patches and things... If this is accepted,
> would it mean it would be available natively, without GEGL projection?

Yes, it's completely independent from GEGL.

> Since LAB uses a perception-based definition of lightness, this would
> effectively solve the Color mode problem, the two being two sides of the same
> coin.  What this means is that it makes a fix for our present predicament 
> easier
> to release: as a completely new mode, the "LAB Lightness" would avoid the
> compatibility issue that a fixed Color mode would present.  Why didn't I think
> of this during the discussion?  So I would urge all concerned to initially 
> focus
> on this new mode, and please consider an early release.

While the Color and Lightness/Value modes are the reverse of each other 
and can thus theoretically replace each other by swapping layers, I 
don't see the Lightness mode being released any sooner than the new 
Color mode. It's both of them or none.

I'd really love to see this (well, once it's done, of course) go into 2.8.

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