I recently re-read all the GSoC suggestions for 2010, and I found this
interesting one about making the menus searchable:

As far as I know, menus are searchable and the best example is the keyboard
shortcuts dialog which has a searchbox to find the GIMP action you'd like to
use. So I asked on #gimp and I was told there was a discussion on IRC about
finding a more usable replacement to the plugin browser.

So, to get a formal record of this discussion, I'm starting it on the
mailing list again.

Here are points which should be considered:

0. How do we want the search to work? A user can bring a search dialog up?
Will the search be based on a string? A tree?

1. GEGL ops should really be integrated in the GIPM menus. As someone said,
it's like the old script-fu menu - it was wrong. We don't have to force the
user to remember what's a GEGL op (which will be accessed using the GEGL
tool) and what's a regular plugin/script.
It's a bit offtopic, but we should find a way to implement gegl plugins with
a custom GUI, and register them like regular plugins in the menus. Having a
search that will once point to a plugin and once activate the gegl tool, is
a very bad idea...

2. We need to define a "usable" plugin browser. One of the features I'm
missing the most, is a preview image. Plugins should have an option to
register a preview image of their effect (probably by having the image's
binary data embedded in them). This also relates to the feature request of
having a logo script browser...

3. Will plugins also have a category (in addition to a menu location)? How
should we organize the plugins? On one hand, it's probably a bad idea to
continue having plugin authors choose their own category (or as it is now -
a menu location). Since then you might find yourself with dozens of
categories (like "my-site" "his-site") and typos ("artisti" and "artistic")
or redefinitions ("art" vs. "artistic") may create more categories.
It's a fact - a bloated category list is good for nothing... So, should we
limit the categories for plugins?

4. Another option, instead of categories and sub-categories, is tagging -
like the brushes work in 2.7 (unlike categories - there are no sub-levels,
and each plugin can be in many places)

Menus in GIMP should become more useful and things should become easier to
find. But how? Please share your thoughts

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