On 10.08.2010 00:16, Jon Nordby wrote:
> On 9 August 2010 23:42, yahvuu<yah...@gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Just a quick and cheap thought:
>> if you're talking about search, that means i'm already using the keyboard to 
>> type in
>> what i want to do, and then we're only one step away from a command line 
>> within GIMP.
> What do you call the existing scheme and python interpreters in GIMP?
> I'd say that we already have this, and have had it for years.

What's makes ubiquity so interesting, is that it is based on natural language
(localized!), with a focus on ease of learning and reduced amount of typing.
That's a different beast from a python shell.

I think it explores some interesting ideas which might also be applicable for 
so here's a better link to showcase how it works:

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