Wow, guys, If you want to use the mailing list that's fine. but lets
remove the forum front end or make it read only so that we have a
standard. Don't beat me up over it.

I used the ubuntu ppa found here:

The version keeps changing. Previous time I tried it, it quoted 2.7.3,
now it says 2.7.2

Yes I use a wacom intuos3 with pressure sensitivity switched on in gimp.

I'm aware I havent given you anything other than my unscientific
empirical experience here and I would be amazed if anyone could
diagnose anything from that. It could be the PPA build is dodgy. It
could be my config. Who knows. I was hoping someone would just jump up
and say yes we know its work in progress. And if it isn't I'm not too
upset because I'm upgrading my PC soon anyway so for me this issue is
likely to go away. I just wanted to flag it since others with low spec
PC's enjoying 2.6 might have similar issues moving to 2.7.

Maybe there should be a call for more peoples experiences to try and
build a bigger picture....

On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 9:48 PM, Alexia Death <> wrote:
> On Tuesday, August 10, 2010 22:47:08 Dave wrote:
> > I only use the brush tool, mostly with hard round brushes any size
> > typically up to about 25 pixel radius, spacing 10. opacity on. no other
> > brush dynamics set. Smaller the brush the better the performance is.
> Do you use a tablet?
> There are really no changes in GIMP that should degrade performance for larger
> brushes. There is a little more interpolation, but that should affect all 
> brush
> sizes either equally or larger brushes less.
> Also, what GTK is the build you have using?
> Im sorry, If I seemed unfriendly. I just find putting a mailing list behind a
> forum front end with posting option to be of poor taste... Not really your
> fault.
> On Tuesday, August 10, 2010 23:27:15 Jernej Simončič wrote:
> > Can you please fix your e-mail client so that it:
> > - doesn't remove the References and In-Reply-To headers to enable
> >   proper threading of your messages
> > - quotes the message you're replying to
> > - doesn't send HTML when it's completely unnecessary
> He cant. He was using the "forum" client gimpusers has. He probably does not
> have any mail to reply too...
> > (also, where did you find GIMP 2.7.3? The latest 2.7 release is 2.7.1)
> theres an ubuntu PPA with shifted versioning. It should be GIT nightly build
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