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> Hi,
> 00a...@gmail.com (2010-08-11 at 0928.56 +0930):
>> I found myself, that redraws in paint programs were intolerably slow
>> until I added the
> Here it was general. GIMP's interface took a couple of seconds to
> redraw, but so did FF while scrolling (slideshowing would describe it
> better).
>>         Option      "AccelMethod" "XAA"
>> to the video card config in my xorg.conf.
>> (EXA is the default, and makes 3d performance much better, but
>> unfortunately seems to cripple 2d painting performance on my card. XAA
>> might effect compositing (as in WM compositing) speed significantly
>> instead.)
>> Perhaps you could try the above option and see if it makes any difference.
>> FYI, I have an ATI Radeon 9800 or thereabouts. I've read that this
>> problem does not occur on NVidia cards and newer ATI cards.
> Other thing to try is keeping EXA but with:
> Option          "MigrationHeuristic" "greedy"

I've just tried this and it works for me. MyPaint becomes is just as
responsive as with XAA, except for the panning. GIMP is a jerk (I get
cases where I draw a curve and the middle of it gets flattened into a
straight line); But I haven't been painting anything with GIMP
recently so I don't know whether it's also a jerk with XAA.
3d performance in Blender is fairly poor (but noticably better than with XAA)

Panning in both MyPaint and GIMP (and Firefox) is still noticably
slower. Fast smooth panning is important to me, so I will switch back
to XAA.
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