On 12 August 2010 03:19, Rupert Weber <g...@leguanease.org> wrote:
> Disclaimer: I am not a color buff. Anybody who actually *knows* about
> that stuff, please chime in.

I'm hardly a color buff either, but I'm going to chime in with a related query:

My understanding of GEGL (and, I assume, a fully GEGL-based GIMP) is
that colors will be represented internally as linear-light RGB(A)
structures. Given that (and please correct me if I'm already veering
off track), how are the red, green and blue illuminants defined? Are
they "virtual colors" that lie far enough outside the visible gamut
that they can completely contain it? Or are they something else, like
standard sRGB illuminants, or illuminants related to the color-space
defined for the image being edited?

Apologies if this is all laid out in a road-map or API document
somewhere - I've looked and come up blank.

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