On 08/11/2010 11:20 PM, yahvuu wrote:

> Me, too, thinks that sRGB is a reasonable assumption. If you want to Do It 
> Right(tm),
> you will have to take the image's color profile into account. Since most, if 
> not all
> 8-bit implementations of color operations are agnostic of the current color 
> space,
> however, i think it's valid to postpone full color space support until 
> GEGLized
> processing takes over.

I agree. But I considered adding a reserved parameter to the functions, 
so we have the option to later add color management support without 
breaking binary compatibility of 3rd party plug-ins.

> As far as layer modes are concerned, you are actually free to choose.
> If i understand correctly, you're on a chase for the 'best' 'color' layer mode
> anyway (where 'best' refers to some subjective quality).

Well, yes for now. But the conversion routines go into the colorspace 
lib and may be used by plug-ins for who knows what. (like the 
Decompose/Compose plug-in.) Then it might become relevant.

(Then again, nobody complained so far and probably nobody would ever 
notice if we did it Right(tm)...)


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