On 08/12/2010 12:32 AM, James Cox wrote:

> sRGB has only been around since 1996.  I suspect that the gimp version
> dates from before that, or at least before sRGB came into common use.
That would certainly explain it.

> I don't think we want our color profiles to affect layer blending, so I
> think it is best that we choose a single color space and stick with it.

I was wondering about that. Right now, that's the behavior.

But if you had two identical images differing only in color profile, 
should the same action (say, "increase contrast by 30%") deliver
        (a) the same visual result (gamut permitting), or
        (b) the same RGB values?

Wouldn't (a) be preferable, even if it is different from current behavior?
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