> Regarding BABL: i've had a look at extensions/CIE.c and found conversion 
> routines
> using linear light RGB with the sRGB primaries and white point -- that is 
> scRGB.
> Everything fine here.
> Now i'm not familier with BABL -- possibly i've checked at the wrong routines?

What I found was conv_rgbF_xyzF() in extensions/gggl-lies.c
But I'm just as unfamiliar with babl, so I might be the one who looked 
at the wrong place.

> Regarding the Decompose plug-in:
> yes, that seems to use the PAL stuff. However, i'd be surprised if that makes
> a really big difference. What's more important, is that i couldn't find any
> routine which respects the gamma curve defined by sRGB.

Yes, it's just not there. I suppose that's why results show a very 
bright L channel.
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