Graeme Gill wrote:
> yahvuu wrote:
>> The only sane way to achieve this is, like James says, to "choose a
>> single color space
>> and stick with it". This is possible with floating point processing
>> (GEGL).
>> All imported image data gets convert to, say scRGB, processing take
>> places, and on export
>> data may be converted to a different color space, if necessary.
> This would be ridiculous - by misinterpreting the device dependent colors
> you
> would be applying visual adjustments that differ between images, rather
> than
> being the same. The fact that you have applied uniform changes to the
> device
> values is not what you want, since the device values have different
> meanings
> for different device colorspaces.

I think it is important to remember that these visual adjustments that we
are applying are really just abstract mathematical formulas that we find
visually useful.  In some cases this is quite explicit (eg the multiply
blend mode), and sometimes we try to hide this (eg contrast).  The
contrast tool does not add contrast to an image.  The contrast tool runs
the image through a particular mathematical formula.  For every image
where running an image through this formula  results in an image with more
apparent contrast I can show you an image where that formula will result
in image with less apparent contrast.  Device independent color space or
not.  That being said - the contrast tool could benefit from being color
space aware.

What is important is that the result of all this math is accurately
displayed on screen in a timely manner.  Running every blending layer and
adjustment through a CMS is counterproductive to this end.  I think there
is a role to play for device independent color adjustments, but  they are
the exception, not the rule.

If you need all your tools to be more consistent between images, then you
can convert all your images to the same profile.

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