On 13 August 2010 02:57, James Cox <jay...@gimp.org> wrote:
>> You don't need to worry that the sRGB gamut is rather small since,
>> because GEGL is using float, it can represent values outside the gamut
>> as less than 0 or greater than 1.
> That sounds good in theory, but there will be some very sharp edges in
> practice.  What does the UI for the curve tool look like when possible
> values are -FLOATMAX to +FLOATMAX.  What does the contrast tool do with
> values above 1.0.  When I blend some layers with multiply mode they can
> only get darker right?

scRGB actually does define a range, -0.5 to +7.5, according to
wikipedia, so tools like the levels dialog are not totally in the

> I open up an image to make a small change to one corner. Why did other
> parts of my image change color slightly?  Because Round tripping through a
> color profile is not lossless (some profiles are worse than others).

Well, that's certainly true. Though open/edit/save, at least for
JPEGs, will always change the image slightly, even in applications
that support device space editing. It's a question of how significant
the differences are.

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