On Sun, Aug 15, 2010 at 3:22 AM, Rupert Weber <g...@leguanease.org> wrote:
> I posted a new version (v3) of the layer modes patch (split in two) to
>        http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=325564
> The libgimp functions and the layer mode stuff are each in a separate
> patch now.
> [The message I wrote there is misleading. "along with the other v3
> patch" was just supposed to mean that it accompanies the first patch.
> There is no third patch missing.]

Works quite well (and fast!) IMO. Infinitely better than the old modes :)

I noticed when I tried to pull the latest changes from GIT HEAD, that
the automatically-generated changes to :


(which, while being auto-generated, also change infrequently enough
that they *are* version-controlled),
have not been included. That means, after applying the 2 (or 3)
patches and rebuilding GIMP, these outstanding changes prevent you
from pulling the latest changes.

I suggest merging these changes with the patch to libgimp, since that
is the one that introduces the new enums.
Actually, I can do that..
But you might still want to know how..

1. Create a commit containing the missing changes
2. Use 'git format-patch' to generate a patch from it
3. Rewind to just before your first patch ('git reset --hard <commit id>')
4. Apply the libgimp patch, then the patch created in step 2
5. 'git rebase -i <commit id>' to rewrite part of your local history
(where <commit id> is the hash of the commit immediately before the
libgimp commit)
6. change the line  relating to the commit created in step 1, to say
'squash' instead of 'edit', save, and exit.
7. 'git format-patch HEAD~..HEAD'. This will output the amended libgimp patch.

I'll attach the amended patch to bug #325564.
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