There are still some issues that I either blissfully ignored or took the 
least-cost route on:

(1) enums and gimp-composite
While the values of legacy layer mode enums are preserved, 
gimp-composite.h has its own GIMP_COMPOSITE_* enums which append some 
modes to the layer mode list. (GIMP_COMPOSITE_BLEND, _SHADE, _SWAP,...).

Those additional enums have their values changed. Is that a problem? (I 
can't even find any place they are used)

(2) file import/export
For import of psp, psd and xjt I simply assumed the new modes would be 
more appropriate than the old ones.
For exporting, I just mapped the new modes along with the old ones.
But I don't know what would be correct for those file formats/programs.

(3) paint-funcs layer modes
Is the layer mode code in app/paint-funcs ever used? If so, the code 
would have to be amended accordingly. Right now, I just mapped the new 
modes to the old functions.

I think that's about it.


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