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> Hi, here is an enhacement request I posted in the bugzilla, Martin Nordholts 
> told me to send it to the mailinglist, so I hope I post it in the right place:
> I often have this problem:
> when enabling/disabling layers visibility during my work, to choose in whitch
> layer I want to work, when I find the one I want, I directly go to the image
> and draw... but sadly, it is in the last active layer that I draw and the 
> result
> is not what I wanted.
> I think it would be more ergonomic if the "turned on layer" becomes
> automatically the active layer. At least, if people could choose this
> behaviour(instead of the actual) in the preferences, it would be great, I
> think.
> I hope my description is understandable.
> Regards to all,

Hi Thierry -

While this behavior can make for a productive workflow in you case, it
would otherwise break completely the way the program behaves now - it
would be impossible for one turning on another layer to continue
painting where he was previously. In contrast,  activating the newly
visible layer is just a  matter of one additional click for who wants
this to happen.

So I think your request is not feasible in the way it stands.

On a connected issue, there is a somewhat hidden feature regarding
activating layers: in the preferences dialog, on the tool options, you
can set the Move tool to automatically select the moved layer (that is
not the default behavior) - and on the "Image Windows" tab of the
preferences, you can set the Space bar to switch temporarily to the
Move tool (instead of the default 'pan') - in that way, you can have a
fast and agile workflow to change the active layer, by pressing space
and clicking on a part of the image on the desired layer.



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