2010/8/17  <oli...@first.in-berlin.de>:
> Hello,
>> in the rotate tool, when I make the visibility < 100%
> this simply does not work.
> The layer that will be rotated is always 100% visibile.
> Will it be enough to mention it here (because of a possible quick fix)?
> Or should I file a bug-report (or maybe there already is one for that
> problem?)?
> It's Gimp 2.6.7.
> Ciao,
>  Oliver

There is to add that, besides the opacity, also the layer mode is not
correctly previewed during the handling of the Rotate Tool, since the
rotating layer is always shown as if its mode would be temporarily set
to "Normal" even when it doesn't.
Moreover, this flaw seems to affect other Transform Tools as well,
like Scale, Shear and Perspective.
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