I run the current development version of GIMP (2.7.2).

In single window mode I experience a very annoying issue. One example to 
reproduce this: choose the brush tool, create a new layer and change it's 
opacity with the slider. And now it comes: I want to zoom into the image with 
the + and - keys on my keyboard. Or I want to move the displayed detail using 
the space bar - before I start painting...
In multi window mode one just had to focus the image window again (hit the 
window's title bar) to get those keys working. In single window mode, since all 
toolboxes belong to this one window, clicking the title bar doesn't change 
anything. Hitting + and - just changes the opacity of the layer, the space bar 
expands the selection box for layer modes or alters the layer's visibility. One 
actually has to paint onto the image to get it activated and get those keys 
working again. But when I want to paint, I need more details - a vicious 

Just now I help myself painting somewhere, hitting Ctrl-Z and finally being 
able to zoom in. But this is irritating. Maybe GIMP should check where the 
mouse pointer is and interpret the keystrokes based on this. Is the pointer on 
the image the user prob. wants to zoom, move etc. Is the pointer on the layer 
dialogue the user wants to change settings etc.

Actually, this is not an issue of the window modes. The same behaviour occurs 
in multi window mode. But, as described above, it's easier to re-focus the 
image window over there. Thus, this issue wasn't as annoying as it is now...

So, is this worth a bug report? Or is this a feature request? Or none of all 
because I am too stupid to use GIMP correctly?

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