Thanks for the insight and ideas. I didn't mention I am working on a 
numerical algorithm
for deblurring images that have been blurred by non-accelerated circular 
motion around
any possible axis so it was nice to get some ideas however the 
applications for which it is
intended require more accuracy. I also noticed that this particular 
filter is quite slow.

I have been experimenting with deforming the image into polar 
coordinates using interpolation
schemes to get a good resolution and then applying regular, linear 
motion blur horizontally or
vertically which would correspond to the "zoom" blur or "rotational" 
motion blur effects. Then
the image must be deformed back to cartesian coordinates using again 
some sort of interpolation.
So far it looks right if resolution is taken care of and it's quite 
fast. Haven't tried the cases where
the image plane is not perpendicular to the axis of rotation and the 
debluring algorithm still needs
to be developed. In any case all this is in prototype form (Matlab) and 
if all goes well it could be
perhaps ported to GIMP when everything has been worked out.
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