Quoting Chris Mohler <cr33...@gmail.com>:

> Is this a bug? (or a feature ;)
> 1. Create new RGB image
> 2. Add channel
> 3. Increase canvas size
> 4. Edges of channel are now filled 100% solid, regardless of BG color
> I expected:
> 4. Edges of channel are now filled with % based on BG or possibly FG
> color (or 0% fill)
> Or am I missing something?

Imagine you've made a selection around an object and then saved that  
selection to a channel for later use (for example, a model's face). If  
increasing the canvas size filled the "edges" of the canvas with  
anything but black, then your saved selection would no longer be  
limited to the original object (e.g., the model's face), but would  
also include the edges. It seems more reasonable to me that saved  
selections should not be changed if the canvas size changes.

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