On 08/24/2010 02:52 AM, Rupert Weber wrote:
> On 08/22/2010 02:45 PM, Sven Neumann wrote:
>> New code in GIMP should use babl for pixel format conversion. There's no
>> need to introduce new API for that as we have babl which is available to
>> the core and plug-ins and provides a much superior API.
> The short answer is: No. I won't do that.
> For the long answer see further down below. (Sorry if this post becomes
> a bit longish)

Hi Rupert

Thanks a lot for your hard work, it is much appreciated. Personally I am 
fine with not having your new conversion routines ported to babl yet, we 
can do that later.

It is my firm belief however that it is too early to apply the patch. 
There are usability aspects that needs to be taken care of first, that 
has been mentioned before.

With your patch applied, there are two variants of the color-related 
layer modes. Legacy and obsolete broken variants that new images don't 
need, and your correct useful new variants.

We are working hard on improving the UI, and having two variants of the 
same layer mode always available, where one is broken and one works, is 
simply not good enough.

I suggest we:

* Only show the legacy color modes when an image that already
   uses them is the active image (we either show all four, even
   if an image only uses one).

* Add an "(obsolete)" suffix to the legacy ones (only shown in
   the UI, not in the API)

* Remove the "(LCH)" suffix in your new layer modes (only
   in the UI, not in the API)

I haven't reviewed your latest patch so there might be things we need to 
address there too.

Best regards,


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