On 08/24/2010 07:46 AM, Martin Nordholts wrote:

> With your patch applied, there are two variants of the color-related
> layer modes. Legacy and obsolete broken variants that new images don't
> need, and your correct useful new variants.
> We are working hard on improving the UI, and having two variants of the
> same layer mode always available, where one is broken and one works, is
> simply not good enough.
> I suggest we:
> * Only show the legacy color modes when an image that already
>     uses them is the active image (we either show all four, even
>     if an image only uses one).
> * Add an "(obsolete)" suffix to the legacy ones (only shown in
>     the UI, not in the API)
> * Remove the "(LCH)" suffix in your new layer modes (only
>     in the UI, not in the API)

Yes, I almost forgot about that. I always considered the names so far as 
working titles only.

What you suggest seems reasonable to me. (And the current GEGL modes 
suggest that dropping the old modes is the intended route, anyway).

If that's how we do it, I'll need a little help, as I have no UI/Gtk 
experience. Or maybe at least a pointer where to look at / which way to 
go. I could imagine having two prebuilt menus which are swapped vs. 
dynamically adding removing items. -- The toolbox dropdown for the 
painting mode should probably never change.
(And if someone says, "hey that's easy, I'll do that in a couple of 
minutes", please, don't let me stop you :) )


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