On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 9:38 AM, Jim Michaels <jmich...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> - programmable brushes without having to create a new brush for every
> instance of work task I want to do (I don't want a gazillion circle brushes
> in my palette!).
> same way the brushes already are, except that for things like circles,
> softened circles, squares, lines, etc.  the shapes basically are not
> multiplied in quantity, but you are allowed to simply tweak the parameters
> as you wish and as often as you like.
> However, the ability to save/clone a brush as a new brush would be very
> handy.  I jut want the multiplication to stop.
Why the heck do they multiply? You are allowed to tweak any brushes
you have created as many times as you desire, just open the brush
editor and tweak away. My personal setu kontains an open brush editor
in the docks at all times. The only ones you cant tweak are the ones
in system folder. If they bother you, you can just remove them.
There's only one cotcha. The moment you close gimp the tweaked version
replaces your original. This is part of a bigger issue with resource
handling and I seriously hope we develop a plan for dealing with this

> - make vector shapes possible with SVG brushes?  they have all sorts of
> features. like gradients, shapes, etc.
I think this is stuck behind a good compatibly licenced SVG rendering
library. rsvg doesnt support most of the fancy  things afaik. On the
other hand, when I was starting with GIMP somebody said that for a
skilled person it would be 20 minutes of work so it might just be that
its not done because nobody is working on it...

> - make it possible to open SVG graphics as a bitmap image and scale the
> image to the size you want (smart image sizing)?
This a matter of vector layers I suspect. Another work in progress due
to lack of people working on it.

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