On Tue, 2010-08-24 at 23:23 -0700, Jim Michaels wrote:
> newbies who are using GIMP are always asking where is the scanner
> support.
> why? because they can't find it.

Most probably they ask this because you need to install a third-party
plug-in in order to have scanner access from within GIMP.

> File->Acquire would be more appropriate.  maybe even File->Scanners if
> you want to be obvious (which is even better!).
> but I can tell you from a thought process and human usability
> standpoint that grouping it under File->Create makes no rational,
> reasoning sense.
> at least keep the scanner stuff separate and make it obvious that it's
> for scanners.

Scanner plug-ins are supposed to register in
"<Image>/File/Create/Acquire". "Acquire" is a menu group inside the
File/Create sub-menu. So scanners are already grouped separately from
the other plug-ins that create a new image.


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