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> "somewhere else" is not a very intuitive place either. We've had a
> longer discussion when these items were moved to File->Create and no one
> came up with a better solution.

I find the 'Create' label non-obvious as well.  It makes sense for the
logo scripts, but I'd suggest considering:

File -v-
  New ->
    From Template...   [Ctrl+N]
    From Clipboard      [Shift+Ctrl+V]
    Scanned Image...
  Create ->
    Buttons ->

I don't think that adding an extra click to File->New would be
terribly flow-impacting, and "File->New->Screenshot" flows well in my
head, whereas Create->Screenshot does not (how is that creative?).

"File->New->From Template" may be a bit non-obvious, but should be
fixable with some wordsmithing if so.

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