I personally think

File > Import > Scan


File > Import from Device > Scanner

would make the most sense. 'Acquire' isn't really a common word that I
hear being used in association with images, graphics, typesetting,
etc. Not in the U.S.A. anyway (for the U.S. perspective on word
choice, if anyone cares). 'Acquire' is certainly used regularly over
here, but not in this context in my experience.

I was a little thrown off by the use of 'Create' in the Gimp menu
myself, as a professional graphic designer. It took me a bit to figure
it out. 'Create' to me suggests that the children of that menu all
refer to making new documents.

Using Photoshop every day for 15 years has perhaps tainted the
validity of my opinion.

-Jason Simanek

On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 1:23 AM, Jim Michaels <jmich...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> newbies who are using GIMP are always asking where is the scanner support.
> why? because they can't find it.
> File->Create is not intuitive, nor does it imply anything about scanners.
> File->Acquire would be more appropriate.  maybe even File->Scanners if you
> want to be obvious (which is even better!).
> but I can tell you from a thought process and human usability standpoint
> that grouping it under File->Create makes no rational, reasoning sense.
> at least keep the scanner stuff separate and make it obvious that it's for
> scanners.
> scanners are I think a very important part of any imaging tool, and deserve
> direct access, and even warrant a button.
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