On 27.08.2010 07:32, Martin Nordholts wrote:
> If people have troubles finding the Layers dockable, we should instead
> look into making it more discoverable, like adding a 'Dockables' top
> menu or moving them directly under 'Windows' instead of having a sub menu.

What about naming it the 'Dialogs' menu?

-- 'Dockables' sounds like implementation slang to me. And the 'Windows'
menu becomes confusing in single-window-mode.

Making the Layers dialog discoverable under the 'Layers' menu and color
dialogs below the 'Colors' menu etc.. makes a lot of sense, but IMHO that's
the job of a 3.0 redesign -- there is a whole lot more to do than just releasing
the dockables from their current hiding place and distributing them over the
menu structure. (E.g. what use is in displaying the brushes dockable while
the gradient tool is active? etc..)

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