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> I think this is the logical error here from usage point of view. It is
> not the fact that they are "dockable" which means they should be grouped
> together. They should be grouped according to function.
> If I want to hide a layer  I should not need to think : "last time I did
> this what did it look like, what sort of GUI element was it that allowed
> me to hide a layer, was it dockable, where are dockables hidden?"
> If I want to hide a layer , I go to the layers menu.
> I find it strange anyone would argue against that.

The layers (dockable) dialog should never be hidden, every GIMP user guide
says that. Thus for anybody following this idea, the real question is "If I
want to hide a layer, I go to the layers dialog." Otherwise, it would be
necessary to copy in the layers menu all the functionalities of the layers
dialog, which means a lot.

Is this argument so strange?

Olivier Lecarme
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