Currently, creating animations in GIMP is not done in a very clean
way. To specify the duration of each frame and to specify whether it
should stay or be hidden after that period, we abuse the layer names.
Until recently we also had a limit of one layer per frame so we
couldn't have had a frame composed out of several layers (so
maintaining the frames had to be done in other files), but now layer
groups can solve this (so the animation process is now a bit better).

I'm posting here a small wishlist regarding using GIMP for animations,
to get the general approval before posting it as an enhancement
request in bugzilla:

* More supported frame disposal modes -  GIF has 3 frame disposal
modes (taken from
http://www.webreference.com/content/studio/disposal.html ):
1. "Leave" - after the period of the frame has ended, the frame's
pixels will remain visible and the next frames will be displayed on
top of it. This mode IS supported in GIMP.
2. "Restore Previous" - after the period of the frame has ended, the
frame's pixels will become transparent and will allow to see what was
in that region before the current frame covered it. This mode IS
supported in GIMP.
3. "Restore Background" - after the period of the frame has ended, the
rectangle of that frame will be replaced by a transparent rectangle.
It's similar to "Restore Previous", except for the fact that after the
frame disappears you won't be able to see what was below it.  This
mode IS NOT supported in GIMP, and this is the mode I want to add.
Supporting this mode means modifying the gif load/save plugin, the
animation preview plugin and possibly the un/optimize plugins.

* A better animation editing modes. Abusing the layer modes is a very
bad way to do this (at least in my opinion) - see a similar case in
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=344910 comment 3. We should
remember the animation parameters using parasites, and by having some
animation editor plugin (which leads to my next point - an animation

* GIMP should have an animation editor which is integrated with a
preview of the animation. Editing the animation and then closing the
editor just to open the preview plugin is a very bad workflow. You
should be able to preview from the same place you edit.
Also, the editor should allow to edit the parasites of the layers
which include the animation parameter.
I have something in mind similar to MS Gif Animator
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_GIF_Animator), or anything
with a similar simple UI.

This is how I imagine the animation workflow with GIMP - I'll
appreciate some feedback.
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