Hi guys,

> That's not a problem since creating animations is not a defined goal in
> the GIMP product vision. I rather think we should remove support for
> animations in GIMP for 3.0, plug-ins can supply that functionality instead.

I'm pretty aware that animations are not the goal in GIMP, however,
I'm working in the past five years with GIMP to produce animations.
Anyway, the thing is, I believe that the GIMP-GAP can goes forward and
replace the animation filters completely. The animation filter is a
great light-table tool, is pretty useful and we don't have something
similar in GAP. Is not the right moment to remove or replace the
animations filter, and maybe the right time to notice that the
animation is a real function of GIMP and assume this as part of the
product vision.


Daniel Pinheiro Lima
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