On 08/30/2010 09:34 PM, Martin Nordholts wrote:

>> Is it decided that GEGL will not support the legacy modes, or should
>> they be implemented in GEGL as well to retain backward compatability?
> There is one big issue left to settle: whether e.g. a Screen pixel
> composited onto nothing should result in the pixel or 'nothing'. Right
> the result is the unmodified pixel, as in the SVG 1.2 compositing model.
> In legacy GIMP compositing, the result is 'nothing' (except when the
> layer is the bottom-most layer...).
> I'm fine with using our legacy compositing model, as long as there
> exists a consistent compositing model without special cases to describe
> it. I will try to come up with such a compositing model unless someone
> else gives it a go before me.

I hadn't noticed that yet: All non-GEGL modes now actually use deleted 
content for compositing, so that could probably be called broken. (Paint 
something on bottom layer that has effect on top layer's compositing, 
then delete content in bottom layer to get checkerboard. There are 
changes in alpha, but the deleted drawing still shows through)

But if what you wrote was an answer to my questions, it was much more 
than I bargained for. ;)

I just meant if GEGL should also implement the current HSV-based color 
layer modes for (then) old files, or if GEGL will stay with just 
supporting the LCH modes.

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