after some more thinking, here's my take for 2.8:

File->Acquire->Scan from Device xy...
                Scan from Device yz...

Nice extra: if there's only one device connected, the whole 'File->Acquire' 
can be replaced by 'File->Aquire Scan from Device xy...'.
That should maximize scanner discoverability.

File->Create can be removed alltogether -- if the legacy scripts are kept, they
should be moved to Filter->Render. The Screenshot action should be one of
     Edit->Paste Screenshot...               (paste into current layer)
     Extras->Screenshot...                   (create new image as before)

If 'Acquire' is not good enough a name, possibly 'Capture' might do the job.
But then my english is not that great..

Last not least the reasoning, backing up what has been said previously:

- 'Create' and 'New' have the very same meaning -- the tooltip for 'New'
   even reads: 'Create new image'. It's not desirable to have two distinct
   entries with the same meaning.

- The reason why the legacy scripts have been bundled below the 'Create' 
   is assumedly the common behaviour to create new images -- which is an 

   In contrast, the most important aspect of e.g. a pattern generating script is
   that it generates, well, a pattern. Consequently all pattern creators should 
   discoverable in one place -- wether they deliver images, layers or selection 
   The established place for that is Filters->Render->Pattern. Analogous 
   apply to the other scripts, i think.

   Admittedly, having a 'Filter' create new images feels like overstretching 
the filter
   concept, but -- as has already been pointed out -- creating new images is
   deprecated behaviour.

   Anyway, why can't these scripts be removed from core as soon as in GIMP 2.8?

- 'File->Create->from Clipboard' is a duplicate of 'Edit->Paste as->New Image'.
   There can be only one -- and the clear winnner is the latter one, since
   the Edit menu is the standard interface to the clipboard.

- Screenshot functionality isn't covered by the product vision. So if it is 
   in core GIMP, it is surely not allowed to complicate the UI. And it is the 
   remaining entry from the File->Create menu which hinders the scanner-friendly
   File->Acquire style as described at the beginning. Hence it has to move 
somewhere else.

- 'Create->New Brush from Text' does not seem to fit anywhere: ideally, its 
   should be available from within the brush editor. 2nd best:
       Extras->New Brush from Text...
       Tools->Text Brush Creator...


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