Łukasz Czerwiński wrote:
> It seems that you and Sven asked me to make two different actions and it's
> useless to do both.

In the e-mail messages I saw you being told of some issues with the patch 
but not a one for you to the changes to git. The bug report ensures this 
issue and the patches won't get lost or forgotten.

> I'm trying to guess what's the procedure for making
> changes in code and get them approved by some more experience developers.

You have been doing the right things. You started by sending an e-mail to 
the GIMP developer mailing list. Even better, you provided a set of patches.

As I am the main person who deals with issues related to the Script-Fu 
component of GIMP, Sven made sure I was aware of the mail you sent and 
asked me to follow up on it.

If you want to discuss things further, you can find myself, Sven, and other 
GIMP developers on the #gimp channel on IRC. For more information about 
GIMP related IRC channels go to http://www.gimp.org/irc.html.

> As for your request for additional information, a description of my change I
> have written in a description of my bug report:

Thank you.
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