On Thu, 2010-09-02 at 20:37 -0400, Alan wrote:
> Hi all,
> It sounds like CUDA is not ideal for GIMP, but individuals on this list 
> might be personally interested in it (it is free, just not OSS, might be 
> good for plugin devel).  I pushed my code into a git repo:
> http://github.com/etotheipi/CUDA_Image_Convolution
> Keep in mind that the state of the code is very immature in structure, 
> but the algorithms are solid and work very fast if you have a 
> CUDA-enabled graphics card.   The readme has a lot of useful information
> Some timings:
> Basic convolution, erosion or dilation (on NVIDIA GTX 460):
>       4096x4096 image with 15x15 PSF/SE:     125     ms compute time (   
> 8 Hz)
>       4096x4096 image with  3x3  PSF/SE:      20     ms compute time (  
> 50 Hz)
>       2048x2048 image with  5x5  PSF/SE:       7.5   ms compute time ( 
> 130 Hz)
>        512x512  image with  3x3  PSF/SE:       0.36  ms compute time 
> (2750 Hz)
> These timings are without memory transfers, which is somewhere between 1 
> GB/s and 3 GB/s host<-->device.  Keep in mind that the code operates 
> only on floats (which I need for my application), but it could be 
> significantly faster if modified to work on 8-bit integers and batch 
> memory operations in 128-bit chunks.  Maybe one day...
> Let me know if you have any interest developing or simply using this code.

You might want to resend this offer to the gegl-developer list. It might
be interesting to integrate your work with the gsoc2009-gpu branch.


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