> To maximize chances of getting this into GIMP:
> 1. Create a regression test for the despecle plug-in that is run
>    with 'make check'. This is a great way to convince us that
>    your optimization in fact does not change the output, only
>    improves performance.
> 2. Create a patch, following the instructions here:
>    http://www.gimp.org/bugs/howtos/submit-patch.html
> Since your change is significant, feel free to add yourself to the
> copyright header.
> Regards,
> Martin
Sorry for such a delay but my full time job absorbed me lately more than I
would like to :-)

1) Unfortunatelly due to the nature of the filter it will not pass simple
golden image tests against the non-optimized version. Filter sorts pixels
based on their luma and takes a pixel that falls into median luma bucket.
Since there can be several pixels that fall into the same luma bucket, the
resulting pixel
might differ.

2) I've submitted a patch to Bugzilla

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