> Pls give me a hand to inform a right place
> (guide line) to  compile GIMP source code upon windows OS,

It's much easier to cross-compile it from Linux. I suggest you use
openSUSE and familiarzie yourself with the GIMP (and all dependencies)
cross-compiled to Windows (both 32- and 64-bit) available in the
openSUSE Build Service. See
for Windows binaries (packaged into "noarch" RPMs for openSUSE 11.3),
for corresponding source RPMs.

(But it is equally possible to cross-compile from other Linux distros,
as long as there are cross-compilation tools available for the distro.
openSUSE and the openSUSE Build Service is just what I know.)

Sure, it is possible to build GIMP natively on Windows, too, but it is
much harder, and it is not possible to explain it in one mail message
to somebody who has never done anything similar.

Of course, in any case (either cross-compilation or building natively)
it helps very much if one has experience of building simpler software
that uses similar build techniques (configure scripts, makefiles, GNU
autotools, libtool, make etc).

> because I want to do some hacking on GIMP.

What kind of hacking? It is usually a good idea to discuss development
ideas on the GIMP developer mailing list
(gimp-developer@lists.xcf.berkeley.edu , subscription instructions at
https://lists.xcf.berkeley.edu/mailman/listinfo/gimp-developer/ )
instead  of doing develpment without any cooperation with others.

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